Monday, January 01, 2007

Ashleworth Ham Nature Reserve

Today we went to to find a nature reserve that was less muddy. Ashleworth fitted the bill.

Map Ref SO 830265
It is a managed area of wetland. You are not allowed onto, it but there are viewing points arround its parimiter.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Walking from Evesham to Evesham Country Park

Today I went for a walk with my Mum and Dad. A good chance to try out my new Canon EOS 400D. We drove to Evesham and parked in the free carpark. (StreetMap)

The ducks, swans an geese were out in force, as usual, in the center of town. There were more Geese on the river side as we went out into the country. However these were much shyer.

The path was a little mudy but there were gates between feaild boundaries and bridges over streams. Some areas were churned up by cows. Apart from being slippy under foot the walk was very simple as we follwed the River. It was imposible to get lost and there were no hills.

There were many photographic opertunities. On the way there I lifted a piece of metal and there were mice huddled up in there nest. They soon ran off. So on the way back I set up the camera first and was prepared. I managed to take some shots befor they ran off. However the photos were not of a high standard. More practice is required.

The destination was Evesham Country Park. Once you go under the bridge for the bypass it is to the left. We used the sound of the whistle from the Evesham Vale Light railway for navigation. The railway is an attraction at the country park along with the animal sanctuary.